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the scaffold beside him, for years and years—and when he had finished, calmly put to death by that brute lying there, so that he


should not glorify any other swollen-headed worm of a tyrant.” They sat down on the sand in a triangular patch of shade. Lucill


a regarded him with approbation. “I love to hear you talk vehemently,” she remarked. “It’s because I have learned to feel ve


hemently,” said Martin. “Since when?” “Since I first met you,” said Martin, with sudden daring. “It’s not my example you

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’ve been profiting by,” she laughed. “You’ve never heard me raving at a poor old


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apon to hand. He said: “You’ve

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said things equally violent when you have felt deeply. That is your great power. You

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live intensely. Everything you do you put your whole self into. You have the facult

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    y of making everybody around you do the same.” At that moment Mr. Watney-Holcombe appeared at the mouth of the t

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    omb, mopping his rubicund face. At Lucilla he shook a playful fist. “Not another darned monument

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    for me this day.” “I don’t seem to have succeeded with him, anyway,” she said in a low and

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    ironical voice. Martin, gentlest of creatures, felt towa

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    rds Mr. Watney-Holcombe for the moment as he had felt towa

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    rds Amen-Hetep. The rosy-faced gentleman sat beside them a

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nd talked flippantly of gods and goddesses; and soon the rest of the party joined them. The opportunity for which Martin had waited so long, of which he had dreamed the extravagant dreams of an imaginative child, was gone.

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He would have to wait yet further. But he had spoken as he had never before dared t

ul over those sculptures, going at the
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